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We develop and inspire people in the world-wide field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) who want to explore, experiment, extend and enrich their skills to acquire expertise, mastery and artistry in NLP

One Day Masterclass Saturday September 16th:

NLP Practitioner in a Day!; "Yes, we are really offering this, an NLP skills upgrade and refresher course!"

Saturday September 16th, 10am-6pm 

Etc Venues, Prospero House, 241 Borough High Street

 This course is strictly limited in places and tickets are only £95+VAT


Update and deepen your NLP practice

 Have you ever wished you could spend an inspiring day with your NLP friends and colleagues refreshing, updating and re-energising your core NLP tools and practice?  Then this unique, intensive and lively programme is specially designed for you!

We welcome all practitioners from any training school whether you use NLP professionally and, or, in a more personal capacity.  Basic knowledge of NLP is required as this is not a beginners’ course or an introductory day.

You’ll get to build on your skills and practice in a focused way. You’ll get more clarity on the powerful key frameworks and tools that make systemic NLP such an effective and innovative approach to personal and professional development. And you’ll get the latest versions of how NLP currently fits with other approaches to change, learning and communication.

As the studies on expert performance show it’s the amount and quality of practice that makes the difference. This type of so-called‘deliberate’ practice is known to be the most worthwhile investment of a learner’s time and energy. It leverages the quality and consistency of their performance and results.

Build confidence in your NLP skills

So if you’re feeling like you could do with an update and a refresher, if you’re wondering if your skills are a little rusty or you would like some reminders of how the tools all fit together, or you just want to re-experience the highlights of the core practitioner curriculum, then this special one-off event will surely get your NLP juices flowing.

It’ll be a fun and efficient way to remind yourself of what you already know and to re-inspire yourself with what more you can achieve.

The programme will include;


  • Working from first principles – presuppositions
  • Working with core skills – rapport, emotional intelligence, calibration, outcome orientation, modelling, perceptual positions
  • Working with key distinctions – VAK, state, anchoring, reframing, meta-model
  •  Working as a change agent –problems, conflicts, difficulties
  •  Working with conscious and unconscious; cognitive, somatic and field minds
  •  Working from the core NLP practitioner curriculum

There will be demonstrations, exercises, Q & A with Judith and an opportunity for you to assess your own development needs. You can also request some constructive feedback on your skills. 

 Our experienced PPD Learning trainers training group will also be available as part of the group to offer peer support and coaching. This day is also a part of their certificated trainer’s programme.


And of course you’ll be working with Judith Lowe, one of the UK’s most experienced and entertaining NLP trainers.


So if you are an NLP practitioner, master practitioner or trainer and want to brush up your skills and take your practice even deeper then join us on this special event.



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